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Alan Crone
Employment law is a broad area that includes areas of the employer/employee relationship except the negotiation process covered by labor law and collective bargaining agreements. Employee rights has its roots in thousands of federal employment laws and state employment law statutes, regulations and judicial court decisions.

Many employee rights laws including minimum wage laws and regulations were enacted as protective employment law, wage and hour and labor legislation. Many exiting employment law and related legal guidelines including unemployment compensation also involve public insurance.

  • Collective Bargaining and Arbitration
  • Employee Benefits
  • Employment Law Discrimination
  • Immigration Law
  • Employment Litigation
  • Employment Law
  • Employee Protection Laws
  • Industrial Relations Law
  • Labor Arbitration Law and Practice
  • Labor and Employment Law
  • Law of Sex Discrimination
  • Overtime Law
  • Unemployment Compensation
  • Pensions and Pension Claims
  • Wage and Hour
  • Workplace Safety
  • Workers Compensation
  • Workplace Safety
  • ESA – The Minimum Wage
  • Immigration Employment Law

At Crone + McEvoy, plc, we understand complex relationships of all sorts, from marriages to business partnerships to the employee/employer dynamic. So when an employee rights issue arises in one of your relationships, you can count on our legal team of employee rights lawyers and labor law specialists to deliver the sound advice, innovative approaches and creative solutions that your business or you personally need to protect your interests.

At Crone + McEvoy, plc, we understand that being on the prevailing side of an employee rights related legal dispute can pull a business back from the brink or lift an individual from the depths of despair. But we also understand that attempting to win at all costs could very well be too high of a price to pay. Achieving what is best for our employee rights clients, in the most beneficial manor possible, is always our goal.

The relationship an employee has with his or her employer is one of most important a person can have outside their marriage. When this relationship is threatened or terminated abruptly, employee rights disputes often arise.

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To learn more about specific issues associated with employee rights, click on any of the employment law categories listed. Or to find out if Crone + McEvoy, plc has the right employee rights lawyer to help with your employment labor law case, contact Memphis employee rights lawyer Alan Crone today.

At Crone + McEvoy, plc, we represent highly compensated individuals in such disputes. Bringing our extensive employee rights experience to bear on the situation, we analyze each unique scenario and the complex issues that are often associated with such a dispute, such as wrongful termination, non-competition clauses, trade secret protection, compensation and benefits. By putting our focus on a solution for our employee rights client’s problem rather than just winning a lawsuit, we help to bring control and predictability to our client’s lives during a time of utmost upheaval and change. We also try to help our employee rights clients identify and solve other related problems that might be contributing to their problems at work.

We have represented folks from around the country as well as from the Memphis, Tennessee area in employee rights disputes. For clients within an easy drive of our Memphis employee rights lawyer offices we prefer an in person meeting. For out of town clients we can conduct an employee rights consultation over the phone. However, many of our employee rights clients prefer an in-person meeting to address critical issues with more immediacy and either fly to Memphis or pay for one of our employee rights lawyer to fly to their city for a meeting. We are prepared to meet the wishes of our employee rights clients in this regard.

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Employee rights consist of laws that govern an employer’s fair treatment of an employee, former employee or employment applicant. If an employer fails and violates employee rights, the employee may have grounds for a lawsuit. Have you been the victim of employment discrimination? If you have been refused employment, passed over for a promotion or terminated due to discrimination, your employment rights have been violated.

An employer cannot discriminate against employees based on any of the following:
Age – Gender – Race – National Origin – Religion – Pregnancy – Disability

Keep in mind employers do not need a reason, to terminate an employee. Yet, if an employer’s actions are motivated by discrimination then the employer has violated the law. Contact employee rights lawyer Alan Crone today.

Sexual harassment: At Crone + McEvoy, plc, we appreciate the serious nature of sexual harassment in the workplace and are dedicated to helping victims stop the harassment and recover damages for the injuries sustained. In most situations, we work with our employee rights clients’ employers to resolve the problem. We direct our employee rights clients to report the sexual harassment conduct to their company and give the company an opportunity to take action. Working with the clients’ employer, we will investigate the situation and help them bring about a resolution. However, if the company takes no action, then we help our employee rights clients file an EEOC complaint (equal employment opportunity commission) and, if necessary, an EEOC employment law lawsuit.

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